Adobe DTM - Using Browser Console Messages


Error messaging, or messaging in general, is often overlooked in the development process causing difficulties in debugging and managing code deployed by a TMS.


You can leverage a function called _satellite.notify(), a cross browser supported function, contained within DTM to send informative messages to the browser console. This is especially helpful when deploying 3rd party scripts.

Explanation (resolution)

At it’s most basic level, _satellite.notify() takes two arguments to send a message to the browser console:

  • Descriptive message text
  • Numeric level of intensity

Let’s use a working example to understand how we can use _satellite.notify() to send messages to the browser about the status of a 3rd party marketing pixel.

Intensity 1 - A message that the pixel fired

_satellite.notify("DoubleClick tag fired.", 1); DTM Level 1 Notification

Intensity 3 - A message about the end of the campaign

_satellite.notify("The DoubleClick campaign ends in 5 days.", 3); DTM Level 3 Notification

Intensity 4 - A message that the campaign has ended

_satellite.notify("The DoubleClick campaign has ended. Please remove the pixel from Adobe DTM.", 4); DTM Level 4 Notification

Intensity 5 - A message alerting a critical issue

_satellite.notify("The DoubleClick servers are taking longer than 3 seconds to respond.", 5); DTM Level 5 Notification


Avoid the Marketing Pixel Wasteland