How To Submit An Article

Option 1: GitHub

Submissions will be accepted via GitHub, using GitHub-flavored Markdown. If you are already familiar with GitHub, this option will provide direct access to the Analytics Playbook to not only submit articles but to submit suggested changes to the overall site content and structure.

The first thing you will want to do is Fork a copy of the Analytics Playbook to create a copy of the repository in your own GitHub account.

GetHub Fork

Next, you will want to create a new article file, utilizing the article template Markdown file found in the root directory.

Add all your content to a new branch, proofread your work, and commit changes to your repository.

Finally, to get the article published in the cookbook, simply submit a pull request.

Option 2: Email

If submitting articles through GitHub seems a bit daunting, don’t worry, you can still contribute by submitting your articles via email.

In order to reduce editing and publishing time, we recommend that all articles are submitted using Markdown syntax.

There are many free Markdown editors you can access directly via a web browser:

Add all your content, proofread your work, and save your changes in a text file with the filename:

Email your article as an attachment to: